Friday, December 3, 2010

Greetings and Salutations

My name is Brent and I am the head of the marketing department here at American Tactical Imports. Although we are still a small and growing company, I have always made it my mission to ensure we are staying modern and forward thinking when it comes to advertising and marketing. In the coming year of 2011 I hope to really push things in the direction of current technology and trends. To that end, social networking and a closer relationship with our customers is going to be one of our top priorities here at ATI.

By combining this blog with a Twitter account, a Facebook fan page and an all new website (coming soon!) I'd really like to push the boundaries of traditional customer service and interaction with those of you who continue to purchase our products and support our brands.If you are joining us from the AR-15 forums then you probably already know that our customer service is second to none - between all the help Christopher has always been, to words of wisdom from our Master Gunsmith Ray Caton. I plan on continuing that excellence in the new year. Plan for extensive coverage of everything we do at the upcoming SHOT SHOW in Las Vegas in January, followed by the launch of our new website which is going to be PACKED with new and advanced features.

So please, follow this blog, ask questions, leave comments. We're at the beginning of something great here at American Tactical :)